The Travel Angel FTA29CV1 Benro Tripod – Hands-on Review

Full hands-on review coming end of February 2018.

Choosing a tripod is every photographer’s conundrum, it’s amazing how many people overlook this essential piece of equipment!  This, I know to be fact, as my nightscape workshops are entering their fifth year, meaning I have met hundreds of photographers along the way; and seen a lifetime’s worth of tripod set ups!

Some good, unfortunately, many bad.

Bearing in mind it’s this very piece of equipment responsible for at least £500 (entry level SLR) perched on the top of it, usually more along the £1000/£3000 plus figure. 

Furthermore, the most frequented item to go on a photographer’s “want list” after parting company from me, is an L bracket; they see mine, I preach about them on the workshops, they leave not just wanting, but needing one, and rightly so.

This usually leaves many with a quandary, as I always recommend Arca Swiss compatibility, but it’s which way to go with regards to a ball head on which to mount it, and more than often legs too.  Most shudder at the thought of parting with thousands on a tripod, and I usually explain you have to part with at least £300 to £400 for a decent set up. 

But this has caused me a problem, I use expensive heads (RRS), and two sets of legs, one of which is now Benro; for the last couple of years, I have been specifying  Benro heads after seeing one brought along to a workshop, it was a neat piece of kit.  Until now however, I have never put one to use.

I spoke to the guys at Benro about this, and they kindly sent me a Travel Angel FTA29CV1 and I indicated I would give it a review; it’s now sat in its packaging with my gear.

So why so long for the review?

Well, we’re going to really put it to the test for just under a month in some winter conditions, from the 24th January, it’s coming to Iceland as my second tripod for just under a month, over two weeks on the road shooting, and a full workshop to lead!  

I’ll update this blog post with my findings, hoping this provides a solid platform to direct up-coming clients to, for their three legged companions in the future.

Benro Travel Angel

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2nd  – 10th February 2019

Capture Aurora and majestic landscapes in Iceland, whilst developing landscape astrophotography images with a noteworthy landscape photographer whose reputation was built not only on nightscapes, but also on pioneering landscape night sky workshops within the UK; in addition to becoming one of Europe’s leading landscape astrophotography workshop organisers and tutors.  

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