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The Travel Angel FTA29CV1 Benro Tripod - Hands-on Review Full hands-on review coming end of February 2018. Choosing a [...]

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Travelling & Photographing Santorini  Page under construction - Launch 03.01.18 Santorini Photography Workshop 8th [...]

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Travelling and photographing Iceland is a belated travel and photography blog about a month long journey around Iceland when you could still turn up at the now popular locations, and have the place to yourself.

Night Sky Photography Project Published

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Night Sky Photography Project Published. Practical Photography magazine recently did an 8-page cover of my Light in the Dark project, a UK-based night sky photography and astrophotography project featuring lighthouses across the UK.

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Product review for high quality photo portfolio book produced by Saal Digital featuring nightscape images printed on 368gsm gloss pages with padded leather front and rear cover.

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