Dorset Landscape Astrophotography Published

On the 12th November 2015 I ventured out at 3 am and wondered down to the end of the Isle of Portland by Portland Bill Lighthouse near to where I live.

The reason for this was with the intention of capturing a rare Dorset landscape astrophotography image.

The planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter were set to come together in unison over the first few weeks of November, they were also set to align in a straight line projecting diagonally from the horizon.

Regulus, a very prominent bright star situated in the Leo constellation was also set to align with the planets.

As Venus rose over the horizon her light was so intense she cast reflections within the rock pools and over the entire sea, the Times Newspaper published the image on the 14th November 2015.

Not content with the first night’s shoot and lack of sleep, with conditions becoming favourable the following night, I meandered back down the second night in the face of storm Abigail, this time with a 360 head, and re-shot to include the lighthouse in the spectacle.

The county of Dorset and the Isle of Portland continue to grow in popularity with regards to its nightscape and landscape astrophotography credentials, hopefully these images produced help elevate that status.

Print scan be found in my “Dreamscapes” gallery here.


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