Dreamscapes Published in Practical Photography Magazine

I started working on my Dreamscapes project after returning to the UK late October 2014, after having had the luxury of being stood outside shooting the Milky Way in a T-shirt throughout the month in Cyprus.  A few nights later I was back down the location I call my second office (Portland Bill Lighthouse) in several fleeces, hand warmers, gloves and wool hat!

Night sky publication

Whilst working I pondered on what should become of the Cyprus images, what purpose would they have, the trip had been intended as a rare break (of course it was anything but) to wind down, the images were great, and had market potential, but what direction was my work heading in, what was its purpose?

It was a clear, cold and dreamy night at the lighthouse, and anyone who has had the privilege of being next to Portland Bill in the dead of night knows the eerie, yet tranquil (on a calm night), atmosphere down there at the end of the island.

Dreamscapes Practical Photography Magazine

I decided to embark upon a project that would concentrate on one set element of night photography, and also keep the project based within the UK (for now).

The project was to be called “Dreamscapes” as I think the style of photography speaks for itself regarding the title, however for those that remember, its also an old 90’s rave!

I’ll say no more, and you will have to get yourself a copy of the March 2016 issue of Practical Photography magazine (page 86) to read further on the project and technique.

You can see a collection of some of my favourite images from my Dreamscapes collection here, I also run night photography workshops, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, or contact me for further information.

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