Dorset Magazine Features Durdle Door Sunset

Dorset Magazine Features Durdle Door Sunset

This image is probably my best seller to date.

It was taken some years back, certainly before the explosion of social media, and therefore went about its business quietly – published in calendars, used on numerous county websites – and became a top seller on two of the stock agencies that represent some of my portfolio.  I can honestly say, when the composition struck me, I had never seen it done like this before, with the stairs leading you into the image.

Dorset Life

I googled and searched extensively for weeks afterwards, thinking surely someone else has a similar image in their locker, but to no avail; I’m pretty sure it was unique, which is something I have always strived for within my work.

More recently, December 2014, I thought of a way I might finally improve this image of a Durdle Door sunset and shot the composition with a sun-star during the only two weeks of the year it aligns with the arch.

The newer Durdle Door sunset image went on to win me the 2015 “Velux Lovers of Light” competition.

However, the older Durdle Door image just won’t lie down, and was recently picked by David Noton to feature in South West Coast Paths 2016 Calendar; this led Dorset Magazine to do a page on the image in their December 2015 issue, including a few words from me.

Print scan be found in my “Dorset & The Jurassic Coast Gallery” gallery here.

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