Landscape, Travel, and Landscape Astrophotography

Landscape photography, nightscapes, and landscape astrophotography featuring Dorset, South West England, the Scottish Highlands, Hebridean Isles, and the wider United Kingdom;  also featuring Iceland photography, images from Greece, Italy, and other areas of Europe.

The portfolios displayed are an amalgamation of photography taken by Ollie over the last decade, and, more recently, over the last five to six years, landscape photography featuring the night sky as a backdrop, better known as “Landscape Astrophotography”.  Ollie became hooked on nightscape photography over half a decade ago, working tirelessly across the UK chasing clear skies over landmarks and dark sky areas, camping, camper vanning, sleeping rough in cars, or just not sleeping at all!  The project became known as “Dreamscapes” but has now been renamed “Britain by  Night”, and it was published widely in 2014/2015 and early 2016; see publications.   The portfolio stretches from Land’s End to John O’ Groats, with plenty covered in between.  

Landscape Astrophotography from the Canary Islands, Greece, and Italy is also incorporated within the galleries, as are many of Ollie’s favourite landscapes captured across Europe.

A larger stock library featuring far more of his photographic work is under development on the website.