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Improve your landscape photography by joining Ollie in the field and in the office with the entire experience driven toward improving your landscape photography. With 12 years’ experience producing professional quality landscape/seascape photography, using an array of different cameras, including film, and at locations across the world. Ollie’s experience enables him to tailor his 1-2-1s to individual participant requirements on the day, leading to him having taught complete beginners to aspiring professionals.


Ollie favours providing tuition on the landscape surrounding his home office, the Isle of Portland, especially in the winter months. Portland is home to some of Dorset’s most iconic landmarks to include Portland Bill, Pulpit Rock, and the vast panoramic views over Chesil Beach and Portland harbour (amongst many other hidden coves and rocky shorelines, Weymouth Bay also provides excellent photographic opportunities throughout winter). Having lived all over the UK, and in Europe, Portland has become one of Ollie’s favourite locations due to the diversity of its coast and never-ending skies stretching over the channel or across to the mainland. The 1-2-1s can easily be undertaken at other locations along the spectacular Jurassic Coast to include Durdle Door, Kimmeridge Bay, Lulworth Cove, and Mupe Bay, to name but a few. The 1-2-1s can be delivered in any location, however further costs to cover travel expenses will be applied.

Upon booking or initial enquiry, Ollie will exchange a number of emails with you to get a feel for where you are, and where you are going with your photography. Contingency plans regarding weather, what we will aim to shoot, and at what time, with regards to the duration booked in with Ollie, will be discussed. A draft idea of how long will be spent in the field, and how much time will be desk based will also be agreed (tuition can also be entirely field based, or completely desk based). Help with accommodation will be provided if required, directions given, and a meeting place agreed upon.


Own camera is a given but type and make is unimportant. A tripod will be required, however if you don’t own one as you are just starting out one can be provided. A remote trigger will be required for advance techniques. Ollie has a collection of Lee filters that can be used. Please feel free to bring your own laptop, however, if this is not possible, Ollie’s home office has 4 laptop PC based workstations running the newest fully licensed copies of Photoshop and Lightroom.

The 1-2-1s really can be tailored to your requirements regarding location, subject, time, and duration. Please feel free to bring a companion, at no extra cost, who does not wish to participate in the tuition. If you would like to book tuition with Ollie with a bigger group, or just require more information in general, please get in touch here. Also see FAQ for further info.


Contact Ollie here to arrange a convenient date that suits you (weekdays are much better at popular landmarks). You can then book by paying the deposit of 50% of the course value below or in full (full payment is required if the 1-2-1 is to take place within 28 days. Please see Section 4 “Twilight2Twilight Workshops” within the Terms and Conditions once considering a 1-2-1 workshop.

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