Iceland Landscape Images used in Regent Holiday 2014 Publication (Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands).

The new 2014 brochure by Regent Holidays offering trips to Iceland, Greenland, & The Faroe Islands has licensed some of Ollie’s images for use within its brochure. The images were taken during Ollie’s 22-day’s Iceland whilst also working a commission for landscape work, winter 2012/2013. The trip was planned around the Icelandic weather with use of a 4×4, and continuous weather/road observations via the extremely advanced Icelandic forecasting stations and website updates. Ollie drove around Iceland booking accommodation on the move, or using Arctic sleeping bags in the back of the 4×4, allowing him to utilise the best of the weather and light at that time of year, thus enabling him to encounter two days of rain, and two days of overcast skies on the western Snaefellsnes Peninsula (although there was complete white out in the East Fjords).

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