Northern Lights Images Published

Northern Lights Images Published

Soon after returning from an amazing trip to Kakslauttanen and Inari in the Finnish Arctic Circle, during which I witnessed one of the best Aurora Borealis displays I have ever seen, I was fortunate enough to spend another two nights out working much closer to home shooting another astronomical phenomena!  All about Space Magazine did a mix up page of both events in their January 2016 issue.

The Northern Lights display I had managed to capture was off the hook, I spent most of the night shooting to the south west, testament to the latitude I was shooting at, plus that’s where the red and blues of the Aurora kept peeking.  After around six hours and by about 4 am, I decided due to no sleep at Heathrow the previous night, enough was enough and decided to retire.

However, this was no ordinary retreat to a warm cabin, for I slept under the Northern Lights, lighting up the sky pale green, within a glass igloo, naturally I could not close my eyes, and even when I did, I kept waking back up for another peak at the swaying and dancing phenomena.

I had not long returned to Portland when I saw a window of opportunity to shoot the planets aligning vertically and Venus rising over the horizon like a moon!

I worked at about 5 am for two nights running and completed several shots, including a panorama of the planets and Portland Bill Lighthouse.

Venus was so bright she cast reflections over the rocks and the sea, aligning perfectly with Mars and Jupiter, further along aligned Regulus, one of the brightest stars in the Leo constellation, the planets will not align again in such a fashion for approximately 20 years.

As always with all my work I aimed to produce an image that although containing astronomical phenomena, also focused on the landscape photography element, also known as “Landscape Astrophotography”, I prefer to call them Dreamscapes!

You can find my night and day landscape work in my galleries here, I also run night photography workshops which focus on landscape and night sky elements, and regular updates are made here, please contact me for any further information.

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