Night and Astrophotography Course


22nd – 23rd  May 2020 – Sold Out

Night and astrophotography course focusing on capturing the Milky Way and how to create professional standard landscape astrophotography images.  In-depth planning and post-production are included within this astrophotography workshop.

Night and Astrophotography Course

Night and Astrophotography Course focusing on nightscape and landscape astrophotography on the beautiful Dorset Jurassic Coast. 


Full Price £200.00

Deposit £100.00

Exertion Level

Light to light medium fitness level required, naturally, it may be chilly at night in May, uneven surfaces, and possible steep coastal path descent and ascent.


Max 6 Photographers  

1 Tutor – Ollie Taylor 



United Kingdom


22nd – 23rd May 2020




(Please contact Ollie for recommended lodgings)

Landscape Photography Tuition

This workshop does not include traditional landscape photography before dark.

Nightscape Photography Tuition

This workshop includes innovative night sky photography planning, shoots and tuition; clear skies will make it possible to photograph the Milky Way.


This workshop moves at a relaxed pace and is suitable for beginner, amateur, and intermediate photographers; though you will need to be able to operate manual camera mode.

Learn how to photograph the Milky Way with structured night photography field based tuition, precise global nightscape location and photography planning tuition, and also learn a beginners to intermediate post prodcution workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop on this night photography course.

This nightscape workshop is structured at a steady pace with the night sky tuition repeated by the group to ensure everyone has a full understanding of how the techniques are implemented to give professional standard images, every time.

Photographers attending the course will need a basic understanding of manual camera settings, but other than that, the workshop is open to all levels of photographer moving all participants through the field work, planning, and post editing in unison.

The majority of Ollie’s workshops are always planned on dates where optimum visibility of the Milky Way is possible, often meaning late, but rewarding nights.  The initial meeting will take place in the field prior to the workshop commencing, enabling time for a small ‘meet and greet’ session to get to know each other before working on our first compositions and preparing for our night’s work.

Group emails are set up once the group is full as an ice breaker, and a Q&A platform.

There may also be the opportunity to shoot the iconic Portland Bill lighthouse at night before we turn our attention toward landscape astrophotography and general nightscape techniques.  Other popular Dorset photographic locations may also be used for fieldwork depending on the weather u[p and down the coast; editing sessions will take place in Weymouth.

Fieldwork, planning, and post editing sessions are all incorporated over the two days; participants will need a camera body with manual and the widest possible lens, longer focal lengths and primes may also be covered (Ollie will discuss equipment upon booking) remote, tripod, warm outdoor clothing and footwear; and a torch, preferably head torch.  Certain equipment can be borrowed if not owned.

Please contact Ollie for help with accommodation or for further info.

Additional information

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Package Includes

  • Transportation during workshop
  • Professional  nightscape & astrophotography tuition and advice throughout the workshop
  • Digital darkroom session
  • Help with onward travel if required*

Package Excludes

  • Travel to workshop location (pick up from train stations and airports can be arranged*)
  • Personal travel and equipment insurance
  • Meals and snacks

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