Night Photography Course Tenerife


16th – 20th April 2020 – 2 Places Left

Night Photography Course in Tenerife, focusing on multiple aspects of landscape astrophotography, nightscapes, landscape photography, and basic time-lapse along the mountainside whilst based in a private villa on the south coast.

Night Photography Course Tenerife

Night Photography Course Tenerife, learn nightscape and astrophotography on top of Mount Teide.


Full Price £875.00 Single Occupancy 

Deposit £300.00

Exertion Level

Tenerife requires an average fitness level, short hikes and prolonged periods will be spent away from the car, meaning clothing, supplies, and gear will need to be carried.


5/6  Photographers Max Group Size

1 Tutor – Ollie Taylor 



Canary Islands


16th – 20th April 2020 



Private luxury villa with heated pool/sundeck (single occupancy rooms, villa already booked)

Landscape Photography Tuition

This workshop will include sunset shoots.

Nightscape Photography Tuition

This workshop focuses on multiple landscape astrophotography, and astrophotography techniques; basic time lapse is also covered.


The Tenerife astrophotography workshop is aimed at photographers at amateur level and upwards; no previous astrophotography experience is required and the course caters for beginner to intermediate nightscapers; though this course is a natural progression from Ollie’s short 2 night astrophotography courses, and the technique usually delivered on longer tours, so having some understanding/expereince of night photography is highly advantagous.

Drive over a the Parque del Teide (Teide national Park) high above the clouds with snow capped Mount Teide piercing through them, trek through pine forests and shoot lunar landscapes by night, chill and recuperate in the warm spring climate by the private pool in South Tenerife by day.

Tenerife has amazing credentials for astrophotography, stargazing, and night sky photography.  

Milky Way over Tenerife landscape

In the day, there is a 90% chance the sun is always shining on the high mountain roads even if cloudy on the Costas, replaced at night by the stars, furthermore, the lunar, Martian-like landscapes and pine forests give way to an excellent playground for Milky Way, planet, and Zodiacal Light shots, panoramas, star trails, tracked and equatorially mounted images; and the day to night time lapses that can be achieved above the clouds are mind-blowing.

The landscapes to the north are also diverse, and rugged, with changeable weather suitable to landscape photography.

The workshops will cover an array of subjects, some delivered as a group, and some individually depending on experience and progression.

Topics covered:

Single frame exposure techniques

Double frame blended exposure techniques

Different focal lengths 

Star tracker

Star trails & vortex star trails

Milky Way Panoramas 

Filter effects

Day to night basic time lapse 

Milky Way time lapse

Please contact Ollie for further info 

Tenerife  Astrophotography Workshop

Additional information

Course Payments

Deposit, Full Payment

Includes /Excludes

Package Includes

  • Full professional photographic tuition throughout the course
  • Airport/Hotel pick up/drop off
  • Transport throughout the workshop duration
  • Landscape, Nightscape and Astrophotography field work tuition tailored to participants skill level in each field
  • Post editing and production tuition on Lightroom and Photoshop
  • How to plot a successful shoot, location geography, Sun, Moon and Milky Way position and useful apps guidance
  • Equipment and accessories from office to field advice

Package Excludes

  • Flights
  • Meals, snacks and drinks
  • Travel and camera equipment insurance

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