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Image licensing terms and conditions are made available prior to purchase, for further information, please contact Ollie.



1. Definitions

For the purpose of these terms the photographer is referred to as Ollie Taylor, and Ollie Taylor is used to define the acting photographer responsible for undertaking agreed commission work under which his terms for commercial photography work are set out here forth.

For the purpose of this agreement the “client” is regarded as either the direct client as an individual, or a company represented by one of its employees or directors. (a) “Commissions” refers to contracts and assignments, that only become viable once agreed in writing (either hard copy or email) (b) Specific client terms and conditions are only viable once agreed in writing with, and are specifically excluded, unless agreed in writing beforehand by Ollie Taylor. (c) Verbal commissions may be undertaken if unforeseen deadlines render limited time, in which case Ollie Taylor is not liable for errors in undertaking the commission. (d) Any person placing or signing orders acting for a client or company is deemed eligible to do so unless Ollie Taylor is given prior written notice by the client (e) If the client requires that email is not sufficient as written agreement this must be confirmed prior to the commission commencing, otherwise, Ollie Taylor deems all email correspondence as written agreement and this will constitute a contract in law.

2. Copyright

Ollie Taylor remains owner of the entire copyright in the images, internationally, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If the images are reproduced in a manner that falls outside of the license terms then Ollie Taylor will seek compensation for copyright infringement under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

3. Ownership of Materials

Ollie Taylor retains the title copyright to all images. Digital files must be destroyed by the client upon license expiry (unless written agreement has been sought, and granted, for extended use).

4. Use

Image use is not permitted until full payment is received and the license terms will commence from this date (a) Reproduction rights granted are by way of license and no other copyright shall be implied unless otherwise agreed in writing. (b) If the client is rendered bankrupt or (if the client is a company) in the event of a Resolution, Petition or Order for winding-up being made against it, or if a Receiver or an administration is appointed, the license in place becomes void with immediate effect.

5. Exclusivity

Ollie Taylor grants the client exclusive rights/use of the work undertaken during any commissioned work unless otherwise agreed.

Ollie Taylor retains the right in all cases to use the images for marketing, display, and websites. Ollie Taylor will not make the images from commissioned work available for sale unless otherwise agreed

6. Client Confidentiality

All client information is kept as strictly confidential and will only be shared with third parties through prior agreement with the client.

7. Indemnity

The client must satisfy themselves that all necessary rights, model releases, clearances or consents relevant to legal reproduction of places, people or items depicted within any images are obtained. (a) Ollie Taylor gives no warranty or guarantee that any such rights or consents are or can be obtained. This applies to but is not limited to names, people, trademarks, registered or copyright designs and works of art shown in any picture. (b) Ollie Taylor is only responsible for obtaining such permissions if clearly indicated in writing on prior agreement with the client before work commences. (c) The client shall indemnify Ollie Taylor against all expenses, damages, claims and legal costs arising out of any failure to obtain such clearances. (d) Ollie Taylor is by no means responsible for any loss or damage, for any consequential loss of profit or income caused by any means, including negligence by Ollie Taylor, Ollie Taylor’s employees or agents or otherwise, and it is the client’s responsibility to insure against such loss or damage.

8. Payment

Payment by the client is required within 30 days from the date of the issued invoice for commissioned work. (a) Further charges will be applied after the initial 30 days for any emails or written letters in relation to the outstanding balance. LATE PAYMENT OF COMMERCIAL DEBTS (INTEREST) ACT 1998 will be enforced. (c) Where a client is a company, and whether or not that company has gone into liquidation, the individual directors will be responsible for all outstanding fees and costs in relation to the contract.

9. Expenses

If further expenses are incurred due to the client making alterations to the assignment/commission that defer from the original estimate, the client will remain liable for the extra costs in full.

10. Rejection

There is no right to reject work on the basis of photographic style or composition unless a prior written agreement between the client and Ollie Taylor has been agreed.

11. Cancellation & Postponement

Client cancellation fees will be charged at Ollie Taylor’s discretion. Should Ollie Taylor be unable to undertake the agreed commission on the agreed date, a new date, or cover professional photographer will be agreed with the client, or any fees already exchanged fully refunded.

12. Right to a Credit

The License dictates that where possible a credit to Ollie Taylor will be provided within close proximity to the published image or embedded as a watermark.

13. Supply to Third Parties

Third party use is strictly prohibited unless agreement is reached during transaction and an amended license obtained from Ollie Taylor. The license grants client use only.

14. Electronic Storage

The image may be saved digitally and printed hard copy by the client for the period granted within the license, upon license expiry, these copies must be destroyed if a further license is not in agreement with the photographer, Ollie Taylor. (a) If the image is to be manipulated or individual portions used, written permission from Ollie Taylor is required (b) Ollie Taylor is not responsible for any loss of archived digital data once the client has received satisfactory copies upon project completion.

15. Applicable Law

This agreement shall be governed by the Laws of England & Wales.

16. Variation

Should these terms and conditions vary, written reconfiguration of the terms and conditions will be agreed with the client (unless Ollie Taylor receives written notification prior to transaction completion, it will be deemed all terms standard or amended are accepted by the client).

About Us

Ollie Taylor’s main fields are high end landscapes produced day or night & commercial work (architecture, interior, industry, & agriculture). Should commissions be undertaken by Ollie Taylor, a slight amendment to these terms and conditions may be provided.



1. Dorset Workshops

A deposit of 50% is required for all two night Dorset workshops with full balance to be paid 28 days prior to the workshop commencing.

Please note:

Clear skies cannot be guaranteed on UK workshops, Ollie operates his workshops as fairly as possible by designating two day slots to each workshop in-order to commence photographic work on the one with the best looking weather. Please be aware that no refunds can be given for overcast skies and general nightscape practice methods will still be taught and work will also commence in light showers. For heavy downpours and complete wash outs, an alternate date will be offered that is usually some months away, however, this will be agreed by mutual consent.

If the workshop is booked within the 28 days then the full balance is due. If the client cancels the workshop up to 42 days prior to the workshop commencing 20% of the workshop cost will be deducted from any refund, from 21 days 40% and from 7 days onward 100% will be deducted from any refund.

2. Wider UK Workshops

For workshops in counties other than Dorset, or ones in Dorset with accommodation provided, a 30% (non refundable if accommodation included) deposit is payable on booking with the entire balance due 70 days before the workshop commences, if the workshop is booked within 70 days of the course start date, the full balance is payable. If the client cancels the workshop up to 56 days prior to the workshop commencing, a further 20% of the workshop cost will be deducted from any refund, from 42 days 50% and from 28 days onward 100% will be deducted from any refund.

3. Photography Tours Outside of the UK Mainland

For photography tours outside of the UK mainland, deposit (please note, depending on the workshop type, or after a certain time, deposit may be non-refundable, please check with Ollie prior to booking) is payable on booking with the entire balance due 120 days before the workshop commences, if the workshop is booked within 90 days of the course start date, the entire balance is payable. If the client cancels the workshop up to 90 days from the workshop, the deposit, plus 20% will be deducted, from 56 days onward deposit plus 50%, and from 28 days onward 100% will be deducted from any refund.

All refunds and amounts are at Ollie’s discretion, and in many circumstances, a replacement date or workshop will be offered; naturally, workshops offering accommodation are subject to booking fee’s and alternate dates may not be possible. All cancellations must be provided by the client in writing (email with read receipt excepted).  All workshops exclude travel to the actual location/pick up point, course participants are responsible for their own flights, trains, ferries, and car journeys to the location specified upon booking.  

Due to the nature of landscape photography, night photography, and landscape astrophotography, and the inability to control the natural elements, no refunds will be made for adverse weather to include heavy rain, flooding, earthquake, fire, sudden adverse wind conditions, or other severe conditions caused by nature that put safety at risk, or in the case of landscape astrophotography, cloud cover. This also extends to acts of human behaviour unforeseeable and beyond control. To include but not limited to; fire, nuclear disaster, terrorism, threats of war, civil strife and acts of unrest. Ollie will always try to leave days either side of course bookings to compensate for bad weather, however, this is not always possible.

In the event of Ollie Taylor becoming unable to attend due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, another workshop leader of equal technical ability will take the course, a different date will be offered, or monies reimbursed in full.



All 1-2-1s and workshops are subject to a £40 cancellation admin charge when no other deductions are imposed.

If you are travelling to the area especially for a workshop, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. Receipt of deposit does not guarantee acceptance on the requested workshop, this will be confirmed within one to two days via email. Ollie Taylor reserves the right to cancel any Twilight2Twilight workshop. An alternative workshop to the same value will be offered or the full monies paid to Ollie Taylor refunded. However Ollie Taylor will not cancel local workshops advertised as “Mixed group workshops” if they are under-booked, they will go ahead as a smaller group with tuition time scaled down accordingly.

Ollie Taylor reserves the right to change any prices indicated. If a deposit has been paid for a workshop during a price change, the client will pay the original price the workshop was advertised for, or the remainder balance reduced to suit any reduction.

Hours of tuition indicated will include any breaks required during the specified hours. For full-day packages breaks and travel from the shoot location to the office, or place of desk-based tuition, will be incorporated into the day/hourly rate (thus tutorial time may vary depending upon locations used, and number/length of breaks taken).

Ollie Taylor will endeavour to be as flexible as possible, in light of the nature the work, to ensure the course operates and there is a mixture of both field-based and desk-based tuition in cases where both are booked.  This may mean the course structure is altered from time to time during the duration of workshops. Where field-based work becomes impossible due to weather conditions, desk-based tuition will still go ahead regardless with the option of extended theory.

It is a term of contract between Ollie Taylor and the clients that they must have adequate travel insurance in place. We also recommend you have adequate equipment insurance, an email disclaimer will be sent out to participants to be returned to Ollie and regarded as digital signature in light of equipment insurance.

Ollie Taylor may wish to use images taken of his workshops and clients in further marketing, website, and other promotional media; please contact Ollie Taylor in writing if a workshop is booked and there is an objection to image use.

Under 16’s may only book on a workshop with a responsible adult accompanying them, with all correspondence going through the responsible adult.

Ollie is fully insured with full public liability insurance to cover photographic workshops both foreign and domestic, however, it is down to participants to provide adequate travel and equipment insurance for themselves.


Accident, Injury, Damage and Loss

As the participant, it is your sole responsibility to ensure you, your belongings and equipment are adequately insured against injury and accident, accidental damage, loss, and theft, when attending any Ollie Taylor Photography workshop, one-to-one, and/or course.

On attendance on workshops, one-to-ones and courses abroad, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your insurance adequately covers you for medical and accidental risks before, during or after the workshop, one-to-one, and/or workshop. This insurance should cover you in the event of medical rescue and/or repatriation costs (in the case of accident or illness). All personal belongings (luggage) and equipment are your sole responsibility at all times and so you should ensure that your insurance also covers this for loss, theft and damage.

Ollie Taylor Photography cannot accept any liability for loss or damage sustained by participants or their equipment, and participants take part in workshops, one-to-ones and courses at their own risk.

Ollie Taylor Photography takes every precaution to ensure the safety of all participants whilst on the scheduled workshops, one-to-ones and/or courses, but it is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they take heed of any instruction and/or advice given on suitable shooting locations and that, should they select locations of their own choosing, they do so at their own risk and Ollie Taylor Photography cannot be held accountable or liable, before, during or after, scheduled workshops, one-to-ones or courses.

Due to the remoteness and possible hazardous environments of some workshop, one-to-one and/or course locations, Ollie Taylor Photography asks that participants check these prior to booking, and ensure that their fitness level meets the requirements for their chosen workshop, one-to-one and/or course.

All participants on workshops, one-to-ones and courses, will be required to confirm that they have read and agreed to these terms and conditions by email prior to attendance.


Legal Disclaimer

Ollie Taylor Photography takes all possible care to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate on the stated date of publication or last modification.

It is possible that the information may be out of date, incomplete or the opinion of the author. It is advisable that you verify any information from this website before relying on it by contacting us.

Ollie Taylor Photography accepts no responsibility for the consequences of error, or for damage or loss incurred by users of any form of the information and/or material contained within this website, or linked websites accessed through this site.

Material contained within this website is subject to written copyright and relative proprietary rights.


Copyright Statement

All images contained on this website will always remain the property of Ollie Taylor Photography unless agreed otherwise. Images may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, projected, displayed publicly or privately, or used in any way without underwritten consent.