Trinity House Obelisk

Trinity House Obelisk

Very pleased to have my image of Trinity House Obelisk on the front page of Dorset Life Magazine this February (2016).

The image features a sky coloured by the setting sun over the monument, located on the very southern tip of the Isle of Portland in Dorset, and complements the rocky coastal landscape surrounding it. The monument is somewhat dwarfed by the iconic Portland Bill Lighthouse, situated just a few hundred metres from it, however its positioning still makes it a distinct addition to the terrain that is hard to miss.

The Trinity House Obelisk, also known as the Trinity House Landmark, stands at 7 metres tall, and was erected in 1844. It serves as a daytime warning to passing vessels regarding the low lying rocky shelf, extending 30 metres south from the southern tip of the island.

The monument sits on a small viewing platform, now with Grade II listing, and is made from high quality Portland stone; the structure also featured on the back of the album cover for English singer-songwriter Nik Kershaw’s 1984 hit single, “The Riddle”.

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