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Astrophotography & Landscape Workshops & Tours

Astrophotography workshops and landscape tour locations for 2018 and 2019 include Dorset, Cornwall, Skye, Anglesey, Glencoe and Scottish Highlands, Santorini, Iceland, Tenerife, the Italian Dolomites, Provence, and Meteora.  Please scroll down the page to view workshops and tours available by date.

2018 Nightscape & Landscape Photography Workshops

13th – 15th April  2018 – Full

Located in Dorset within the county’s dark sky areas, with views out into the English Channel, and offering year round visibility of the Milky Way and night sky, this workshop focuses not only on nightscape methods, but on more advanced astrophotography techniques too.  Workshop Full – Please see Anglesey, Cornwall, and Dorset 3/4 day workshops.

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11th – 14th May 2018 – Full

Travel, and capture the stunning coast of Anglesey on the far north west tip of Wales;  mountains across the sea, boat wrecks, the Menai Bridge, and stunning lighthouses on rugged outcrops, all against the faint glow from the lights of Ireland, set the scene for this exciting photographic workshop.  

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18th – 20th May  2018  – 1 Place Left

This workshop caters for photographers of different skill levels, and is structured to the classic style of night photograph workshop Ollie has run for the last four years, covering field work, and editing. 

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7th – 10th June 2018 – Full

This night sky and landscape photography combination workshop, in beautiful Cornwall, takes in some of the best locations on the beautiful Lizard and Penwith Peninsulas, whilst developing your landscape and nightscape photographic skills.


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15th – 18th June 2018 – Full

The county in which Ollie is based, Dorset, home of the Jurassic Coast, provides stunning scenery for landscapes, and awesome dark skies.  So, whether you are looking for a crash-course in landscape and nightscape techniques, or to get away from it all whilst adding to your existing skills, this workshop delivers.

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13th – 15th July  2018 – 1 Place Left

This workshop caters for photographers from beginner to intermediate, and is structured to the classic style of night photograph workshop Ollie has run for the last four/five years, covering nightscape and astrophotography field work, and post editing on the beautiful Dorset coast.

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8th – 15th September  2018 – Full          Please See Late September Tour Here

Discover cliff top villages, the Caldera, volcanic rock formations, black sand beaches, emerald waters, culture, and cuisine; shoot from a yacht, and venture into the starlit night under the Milky Way, whilst capturing all of the magic of Santorini on camera, with expert tuition and guidance.


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25th – 30th September  2018 – 2 Places Left

5 Night, 4 Day short tour takes in all the key elements of Santorini by visiting some of the most stunning locations, at the same time, it also incorporates, travel photography, landscapes, night photography and a short course on astrophotography.    


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27th October – 3rd November 2018 – Full

The Italian Dolomites nestle within the south of the European Alps, with mountain passes, ski lift and cable access to some of the most stunning mountain scenery Europe has to offer.  This photography tour focuses on catching the amazing autumn colours in the spectacular Alpine light, and starlit mountainscapes.

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1st – 8th December 2018 – 2 Places Left

Chase, and photograph, the Aurora in Iceland, whilst also learning how to create professional landscape and landscape astrophotography images, with a landscape photographer who pioneered landscape night sky workshops within the UK.

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2019 Nightscape & Landscape Photography Workshops

2nd  – 10th February 2019

Travel through the majestic landscapes of Iceland, capture the spectacular Aurora, along with stunning astrophotography images, whilst under the expert guidance and tuition of a renowned landscape photographer; a photographer whose reputation stems not only from his amazing nightscapes, but in pioneering UK landscape night sky workshops and becoming one of Europe’s leading landscape astrophotography workshop organisers and tutors.

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23rd February – 2nd March 2019

Glencoe and Torridon feature within  this Scottish Highlands Photography Workshop, taking in the majestic winter landscapes by day and night.  This photographic workshop focuses on both traditional landscape and landscape astrophotography within the beautiful Highlands of Scotland; there may also be an opportunity to photograph the Aurora.

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5th – 10th March 2019 

Landscape and landscape astrophotography workshop on the breathtaking Isle of Skye.  This photography workshop will also incorporate a tuition session at Eilean Donan Castle.

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29th March – 3rd April

They say the Canary Islands are amongst the best places in the world to view the stars, and it’s fact that it’s an awesome place to witness Zodiacal Light. On Mount Teide, you can rise high above the clouds that engulf the coast, and the light pollution below, shooting astrophotography way into the night.  

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5th – 12th July  2019

The captivating Valensole Plateau is a photographer’s dream, endless horizons at the end of row upon row of scented lavender, dotted with old barns and the occasional lone tree. Endless fields of sunflowers, and picturesque towns such as Gordes are just some of the photographic opportunities Provence and the Cote D’Azure have to offer.  Let’s not forget we will also add a touch of starlight!  Further details available soon, please enquire for further info.


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27th September – 4th October

Rugged peaks, wild flowers, alpine plateaus, breath taking ridges, and azure lakes are just some of the wonders of the Italian Dolomiti, a beautiful region in the Alps by both day, and night for landscape and astrophotography.

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19th – 27th October  2019 

Discover the spectacular ancient UNESCO world heritage site of Meteora, an awe-inspiring location which presents unique landscape photography opportunities.  This workshop also takes in Delphi, Corinth, the Pindus Mountains in Epirus, and a stop-off at Thermopylae (Battle of the 300 Champions). 

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