Zodiacal Light Tenerife Published

Zodiacal Light Tenerife Published in All About Space Magazine

I spent three nights driving around, high above the clouds, on the Canary Islands’ highest mountain range “Parco Nacional del Teide”, home of  Mount Teide.

Mount Tiede is a volcano situated in Tenerife, at 3718 m above sea level, its elevation renders the island as the 10th highest in the world.

People say that the Canary Islands are the best place in the world to see the stars, and the astronomers also favour the location, studying deep space from the Tiede Observatory situated on the mountain.

Although cloud cover clings to the mountainside over the gorgeous pine forests on the slopes of the national park, a modern road network allows you to drive to elevated positions high above the clouds, an amazing spectacle within itself.

Naturally I wanted to put the area’s credentials to the test and break out some landscape astrophotography work, and I was rewarded, as for three nights in a row, Venus shone brightly and zodiacal light burst through the sky penetrating the clouds on the distant horizon.

Although the sector of the Milky Way I could shoot was not its most prominent, I managed a series of  panoramas that included the entire arc, Venus, and the zodiacal light, topped off with volcanic landscapes and the backdrop of the volcano.

I will be running landscape astrophotography and night sky workshops out in Tenerife early in 2019, for further info please contact me, or keep an eye on my upcoming workshop dates here.

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