/Scotland Landscape and Astrophotography Workshop

Scotland Landscape and Astrophotography Workshop


1st –  5th February 2022 – Sold Out

Scotland Landscape and Landscape Astrophotography Workshop, taking in stunning winter landscapes day and night around the central Scottish Highlands and lower North Highlands whilst also offering the chance to chase and photograph the Northern Lights should they become active.

Alternative workshop – The Far Northern Highlands

Alternative workshop – The Isle of Skye 


Scotland Landscape and Astrophotography Workshop


Full Price £1095.00

Deposit £295.00

Exertion Level

A reasonable level of fitness is required due to boggy, uneven ground, and potential hill climbs.


1 Tutor – Ollie Taylor 





1st – 5th February 2022



Self-catering accommodation

Single occupancy rooms


Landscape Photography Tuition

Traditional landscape photography tuition and guidance is incorporated within this workshop

Nightscape Photography Tuition

Night sky and astrophotography tuition is delivered throughout the duration of this workshop (weather permitting).



This is a workshop that caters for all skill levels; although you will need to know how to use manual on your camera to undertake group nightscape sessions.

Scotland Landscape and Astrophotography Workshop, focusing on the central and lower Northern Highlands to include Glencoe, Rannoch Moor, Kilchurn Castle, Torridon and more with both nightscape and landscape photography tuition where required.

The workshop will include a blend of both traditional landscape photography, and nightscape photography across multiple locations.  Exact locations and activities (i.e sunrise, sunset, nightscape) are determined daily by the weather.  Adjustments are made for which part of the day is used to ensure enough rest is obtained by the group meaning finishes late at night will mean a sunrise is not usually incorporated the next morning.  There can be some log drives to chase skies, weather, and often Northern Lights.

Scotish Highlands Workshop


Any landscape tuition required is usually delivered to the group individually where required, with time spent with each photographer, whereas the night photography is delivered as a structured workflow to the entire group, with handouts. 

Structured post-production sessions are also delivered during the workshop on Lightroom and Photoshop, within which participating photographers are able to follow the step-by-step process on their laptops if they wish.  The course will also cover how to plan successful landscape/landscape astrophotography shoots; in-depth coverage of all apps and websites used by Ollie will be included within the tuition.  

A reasonable fitness level will be required as there may be times where traversing over boggy ground is required, long hours stood using equipment, and micro crampons may be required due to the time of year.

Scotland Workshop
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Groups are being kept small for these winter workshops meaning more individual tuition where required, and also to eliminate the use of a hire car and often inadequate tyres as no firm will fit winter tyres.  The 4×4 will have both winter tyres, and snow chains stored within it. Ollie issues a full breakdown of recommended equipment and winter gear to the group several months prior to the workshop, however, please contact Ollie here for further information about the Scotland workshop. 




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